Trailer Loading Issues

If your horse does not willingly approach and walk onto your trailer calmly and willingly then trailer loading must be addressed. Neither you nor your horse should have anxiety when it comes to trailer loading. Much energy that could otherwise be utilized to focus and perform  will be wasted if your horse does not understand that it is perfectly safe and comfortable in his trailer. Trailer loading a horse that does not understand that it is ok to enter the trailer is one of the most dangerous things that you can do with horses. Horses that will not trailer load willingly are usually fearful and think that their survival depends upon being able to evade going in. A fearful horse will act on survival instinct fighting dangerously by kicking, striking, rearing, sometimes even biting to avoid the trailer. There are numerous serious human injuries each year due to horses with trailer loading issues. Tony Simonetti will teach your horse to like his trailer. Your horse will willingly walk onto the trailer with head down, calmly, and do the same walking off. The Stress of “WILL MY HORSE GET ON TODAY” will be gone forever. ! Tony Simonetti prides himself on working hand in hand with your riding instructor to make their job easier! Your riding instructor should not have to deal with your horse’s behavioral issues…his/her job is to teach you how to ride and win!!