Lateral Flexion Issues

Does your horse stiffen his neck when you pick up on the rein and ask him to flex? As you start to think of asking your horse to collect and flex laterally your horse should begin his connection to you and once you touch the reins you should feel your horse melt in the direction you desire willingly with no resistance and be mentally and emotionally collected while doing so. Your ask should in no way be harsh and should be in the form of a mere suggestion from you. Tony Simonetti will teach your horse to flex laterally in a very collected fashion so that you can focus on your direction and gait without wrestling with your horse to round his body as you desire. Tony Simonetti prides himself on working hand in hand with your riding instructor to make their job easier! Your riding instructor should not have to deal with your horse’s behavioral issues…his/her job is to teach you how to ride and win!