Mounting Issues

Does your horse dance all over the place as soon as you lift you leg for the leg irons or even worse at the point you are vulnerable while throwing your leg over the saddle? Your horse should remain completely still and not move a muscle during mounting in such a fashion that it feels like he/she is inviting you up to ride. Many people have been seriously injured while mounting due to a snow balling of events once their horse began moving their feet as they mounted. A step becomes a walk, which becomes a trot, and if there is a spook or saddle slip due to imbalance in their somewhere then its usually a 911 call. Tony Simonetti will teach your horse to stand perfectly still throughout the entire mounting process. Your horse will choose to stand perfectly still until you ask for the first step. Tony Simonetti prides himself on working hand in hand with riding instructors to make their job easier! Your riding instructor should not have to deal with your horse’s behavioral issues…his/her job is to teach you how to ride and win!