About Simonetti Training

Tony Simonetti has resolved well over 800 extremely difficult horse cases for people across the country.  In most cases the resolve is not strictly an issue of difficult horse behavior but rather the need for an adjustment in both horse and human behavior. 

For the past 20 years Tony Simonetti has been doing clinics, demonstrations, taught classes, been featured on national television with his horses, and has been filmed for numerous training programs.  

Tony Simonetti has a Bachelor of Science in Business, has been a Real Estate Investor/Broker for over 30 years and has 22 years in Law Enforcement.  This experience gives Tony the unique ability to be extremely effective when its time to communicate and teach the owners, trainers, and handlers how to maintain the respect, mental, emotional, and physical collection of the horses he trains.  Tony’s direct but very respectful approach has proven to insure the best results for everyone once his job is complete.

Tony Simonetti is passionate about seeing his clients and their horses succeed.  Tony is an expert in the science of horse behavior which includes a deep understanding of where horses and humans stand in nature and how it all connects to both positive and negative behavior during interaction with each other.  This deep understanding combined with the experience of over 800 successful cases has given Tony the very unique ability to get the job done. 

Tony has worked side by side with show trainers for over two decades causing owners and riders total success.  Tony is not a show trainer but rather a “HORSE TRAINER”  which is two totally different professions when you break it down.  Tony gets the horses respectful, willing, and collected so that your SHOW TRAINER can spend his time teaching rather then dealing with horse behavioral issues.  One of the Show Trainers that Tony works with puts it like this “ If we were builders Tony Simonetti would pour and sculpture the perfect concrete foundation so that when I built my structure the walls would never crack! Everyone wins!”.   Tony's training expertise works for every discipline of rider wether you choose to be out on trail,  just want a better relationship with your horse,  or if your passion is in the show ring.