Simonetti Signature Horses for Lease or Sale:

1)  Every Horse has spent a minimum of 1 week at the Training Center for evaluation

2) Full disclosure of all behavioral characteristics for the sake of future success and proper “Matching".

3) No sale will be for the sake of “SELLING” but rather for the sake of “MATCHING” the proper horse to the proper person based on   skill, experience, intended use, and ability.

4)  Owners listing horses here believe in full disclosure because they care about their animals enough that they value future success more then the sale or lease.

5) Simonetti Training Corp. will provide full disclosure and a full description of what was observed during the time each horse listed was at training.   A Q&A session will be available to any purchaser to discuss anything in question as well as what may be necessary to correct any issues needing to be addressed.

Behavioral issues happen but most are able to be overcome with the proper tools, techniques, knowledge and follow through.  Simonetti Training will offer a training solution to both the seller and the prospective buyers in the event it is deemed necessary to assist the “Matching” process and facilitate the sale or lease.


Simonetti Signature Horses Current Listings

No available Signature Horses at this time. Check back with us soon.