Horse Training Clinics

Tony Simonetti will come to you with assistants to handle as many participants as can safely fit in your facility.  Participants bring their horses and go to work with Tony and his crew on synchronizing the partnership between horse and rider.  Form a study group and together take the comprehensive progressive journey through the "5 Degrees to Beyond" program and you and your group will be ready to perform at demonstrations, ride safely, and impress where ever you go!



There are no clinic dates listed right now.

Five Degrees to Beyond what you ever dreamed possible with your horse.

First Degree


Learn the Science of the horse human relationship and what is necessary for success.  This is followed by a fun hands on session with your horse that will cause you to get immediate result that you can take home with you. We will finish with a solid Q&A session to ensure you are comfortable going home to practice what you have learned.   


Second Degree


A Quick review form the First Degree Clinic with a Quick Q&A and then right to business with assessing, correcting and practicing what you have already learned. After a short break we will move right into Second Degree advancing the knowledge, tools and techniques on the ground which will cause both you and your horse to come together mentally, emotionally, and cause you to achieve effective communication.  After this confidence builder we will once again finish with a solid Q&A session to ensure you are comfortable going home to practice what you have learned.


Third Degree


After our quick review of Second Degree with a quick Q&A we will once again practice, assess and correct.  A quick break and right into some new techniques and exercises and stepping up the old ones for big time advanced respect, mental, and emotional collection which will lead us to physical collection.  When all goes well then up in the saddle you will go to start applying everything you have learned to riding.  A Quick Q&A and your on your way home to practice once again.

Fourth Degree


At this point you are expected to have a full understanding of the first three degrees and be confident and secure in handling your horse on the ground and in the saddle.  Q&A will happen as we practice what you already know.  We will advance the ground techniques, perfect our timing and also challenge ourselves in the saddle to be in sync with our horses having a full understanding of the dynamics of riding to insure we are never stepping on our dance partners toes.  Review what will be expected of you and your horse for Fifth Degree, high five each other for what you and your horses have achieved and go home to practice!!!! 


Fifth Degree


At this point you should know where to be, why to be, how to be, and have an overall understanding and success that has you excited to show your stuff!!  Everyone will mount up for an advanced Q&A Session.  As Fourth Degree students you will have questions that are fantastic and we will all benefit by them.  After the very interesting Q&A we will do the final riding exercises and then finish with an introduction to “BEYOND” Clinics that will be available to Fifth Degree Graduates only. We will finish with an Invitation to ACHIEVEMENT DINNER for FIFTH DEGREE GRADUATES.