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Hi all! I must once again praise Tony for his amazing ability to not only control the horse, but to teach the rider how to do it as well. I rode away from the lesson feeling totally in control and like Dakota and I could be on the cover of Horse Illustrated! lol. I went to the playdate at the BEC later this afternoon and was just breezing around the course. I had Dakota going over all the jumps in both directions, slaloming around the cones and going right over the tarp and through the carwash like a pro. With Tony's help, I was able to establish complete trust with my horse and he was not only willing and able to follow my lead, but he was actually enjoying himself. It was complete fun and not tense like it would have been in the past. Thank you so much, Tony! Once again you have given me back a better horse than the one I brought you.

Evette Alti

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