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Tony has changed my world with my horse. Bella came from auction without any knowledge of her history besides one 30 second video showing her being ridden and a picture with a young man standing on her back and she stood still. I took a big gamble as a first time full horse owner who had only leased "made" horses from other barns. I was not scared because I had confidence around horses and enough knowledge to get me by, or so I thought. Bella became 12 feet tall when she was scared and because of where she came from she had separation anxiety worse than any animal I had ever been around. I couldn't lunge her because she would turn in towards me and get so anxious and excited that she became huge and intimidating and I would give up. I felt hopeless for a very long time and down on myself for failing her as she sat as a backyard pet without a job. My confidence disappeared but my desire to ride her was still there I just didn't know how to get there. I knew she was longing to get out and explore. One week with Tony changed our lives. He not only provided her with the fundamentals but he spent time to teach me so her and I can continue to learn and grow after her time with him. He respected my concerns about bits and bridles and never once was he mean or mad in an effort to gain Bella's respect. This week has been so valuable to not only me but to my horse. I am forever grateful that I have had this opportunity with such an amazing and caring teacher. My confidence is back and I am enjoying my time with my best friend. Learning and growing and exploring!!! So Excited for the Future!!!

Tara Finkbeiner

Central Islip
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