Customer Testismonial

To work on: Sending energy to Boomer 1) bring energy level up 2) squeeze (all four cheeks) 3) squeeze and add legs 3) cluck 4) use lead on either side progressively – until there is forward (we hope: that is not sideways or backwards) movement. Did I get the steps correct?

Well, this worked very well on trail (in front of Tony of course– seems like Boomer knows he and Black are watching). Practiced this in the ring on Sunday, which went just OK, with a lot less impulsion (i.e. had to do these steps quite often).

Played leapfrog game at a canter. Then with a TWIST. Boomer and Black got to change sides as well. (Tony thank you for having the confidence in us to add that challenge and fun).

During a rest (mainly for me, though I tried to blame Boomer), Tony moved Black around as though they were dancers. It was amazing and fluid. Boomer and I tried a few maneuvers, which we are practicing.

Worked on achieving soft lateral flexion while walking and trotting. Being able to back Boomer so softly, even from some forward ‘moments’ was incredible. That was an unbelievable high point.

Many thanks again Tony for sharing your knowledge. You are far beyond a master of horsemanship.



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