Customer Testismonial

Sorry I'm taking this long to post. Sunday's clinic was fantastic! I enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people! It was great to put faces with the names in these posts. My sisters horse Cammy was like Rin Tin Tin (if any of you remember that wonder dog) the next day when Pam and I went to the barn to work with him and her other horse Sweetie.
Even Sweetie responded well to our fumbling attempts at what we learned! We were rather proud of ourselves in spite of our laughter at our antics. When all was said and done, we had them both (at different times) circling the paddock, once or twice Cammy was doing and outside or inside turn (I'm still not sure which is which).
But Sweetie, who had no exposure to the technique, circled, and came to us and followed like a dream!
What a great experience! THANKS TONY! THANKS to all of you who have come together to become this great club!


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