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Hi everyone
I want to let the reader's know about two horses that were helped by Tony Simonetti. The first one was a 5 yr old warmblood mare who would not load on any trailer. I'm not sure how they even got her to our barn in the first place! As luck would have it she was a sale horse that I was leasing and we needed to go to shows to get her sold. We called Tony as a last resort after we tried everything we knew. What an amazing result.

Tony came to our barn on a hot June day and worked with her for approx. 4 hours. He did alot of ground work and then progressed to the trailer loading. At the end of the day she loaded like a trooper!
Best of all, the groom from our barn and I were able to load and unload her by ourselves.
The next day we had a slight "regression". So Tony returned and in 7 minutes she was back on the trailer, no problems. We continued to work with her almost daily for a week and then intermittently throughout the summer. She went to quite a few shows in a 2 month time span and never did we have a trailering issue,
At the end of August I took her to a show in CT. I loaded her at the barn by myself, no one was around. She walked right on without a second thought. At the show in CT, no one was around so I unloaded her myself! And best of all, she was tried at that show and then sold. We never would have had that result without Tony's help.

Recently I trailered a friends 17 + hand horse to Tony for some help. He is a 5 year old TB show horse with his own agenda. He is a bit spooky and has poor ground manners. Again, we were amazed at the transformation after one morning session with Tony. This horse arrived looking like a giraffe with his head straight up in the air, but he left with the look of a handsome hunter horse. And of course my friend continues to do the ground work Tony taught us and the horse continues to improve.
We can't thank Tony enough for all his help.

Dianne K

Dianne K

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