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I'm sure you have seen Rebel on Tony's posts. He is doing great! he is 5-18 yrs old. as training began, we realized he had never been broke! In addition, he was extremely buddy sour, an feared being touched past his shoulders. In a very short period of time, Tony dissected and diagnosed a multitude of problems in this pony. All issues were addressed, even when the goal seemed far away. "Failure is not an option"!! Rebel is now riding, on his way to a useful life! Thank you Tony for all you did for this little guy. It's because of you he has a purpose. I want to thank Allison as well. So many hours in the round pen can take from family time. I appreciate your support during this process. It is great to have family support, as the training days can be lengthy. As for Rebel, perhaps it is time for a name change? His name no longer fits!!! Cathy Wilvert

catherine wilvert

islip terrace, ny
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