Customer Testismonial

Hi Guys,
Thursday Tony came over for a lesson with Shimmey. Madison & I were in awe of Tony! You see Shimmey has not been ridden in over a year & when she was it was like fighting a bull. We have been doing all the games on the ground with much success. So it was time to test all this “playing” Tony started with flexion so he knew she would stop! When he got on her I thought oh God she’s going to throw him, but nope she just stood there! Tony walked around a bit, then had her back up which she didn’t like she was snorting & grunting but Tony stayed with her! Toward the end of the lesson Shimmey was trotting around with no problems & Tony had her backing up with just his finger tips on the rains:) This was unbelievable you see this all happened with NO BIT!! So Tony my hat is off to you & I can’t thank you enough for all you have done so far!
Everyone keep up the good work till there’s a day we don’t remember being anything but Natural with our horses!


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