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The first time I met Tony, my new horse had just been delivered to my friend's farm, a place where I could use her indoor arena to get acquainted with him. He was a 3 year old, green broke to ride, a handful and "full of himself". The most significant gap in his training: He had no respect for me on the ground, he didn't give his hindquarters or move his huge shoulders, and I didn't know what HE didn't know. Within a matter of minutes Tony helped me understand how to earn my horse's respect while letting him keep his dignity. This concept was new to me at the time even though I had ridden and shown for years. But it proved to be the foundation upon which our relationship was built over the next 14 years! That's right. Cash and I are still together and he literally lopes up to me when he sees me because the lessons we learned that day and time spent with Tony later on at my place helped us keep on building our horse/human partnership. Still keeping it natural, if you love your horses, there's really no other way.

Jennifer Canfield

Damascus PA
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