Customer Testismonial

Just a note to say that I was delighted with the demo session with Mister Penny yesterday

(For those not at the demo: Penny is a five-year-old thoroughbred and a very tough and competative racehorse. He was full entire until about eight months ago was was still racing late last summer. He's been ridden all round the park, and is generally reasonable, although a little green and spooky. He had been showing some Alpha tendencies on the ground, which would sometimes transfer to under saddle).

I was very surprised by how much was achieved in such a short time (the session ended with Tony riding Penny bareback in a halter), and also how the gradual building process avoided a conflict with a horse who can be pretty tough. Although he was being moved and learning respect, the way that the session was conducted never led to Penny getting upset or losing compusure.

He softened up to a remarkable degree both mentally and physically in a very short time.

I've been around horses for 30 years, and this was definitely one of the more interesting things I have seen.



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