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Hi! I have known Tony know for the better part of a decade, working directly together on solving my horse's emotional & reactive tendencies for at least the last 7 - 8 years. When I first moved to the park, I had a horse that had "blown up" in barrels, and while Colby didn't have a mean bone in his body, he was emotionally scattered and overly reactive. This was a horse that had no real stop, and caused me a fair amount of grief in the form of running up on other horses, bolting and buddy sour behaviors. Tony taught me the skills I needed to assume leadership in our herd of two, first in the form of ground games designed to move Colby's feet with energy, in order to redirect his thoughts back on to me, and also to remind Colby that compliance meant the world was an awesome place, and non compliance meant work, and lots of it...always with a relaxed and positive approach. Next came softness and flexion, which led to physical, emotional and mental collection. The game changed greatly for us at that point. I now possessed the tools I needed to get him in the right frame of mind before a ride, but also to deal with him out in the park if he decided to react to something around him. I think the most important aspect that Tony brings to his clients is not ONLY the tools, but an understanding of the underlying horse behavior and psychology behind what horses do, and why they respond to Natural techniques, 100% of the time. There is nothing that will give you a better opportunity for success than having this combination of knowledge and know-how. I HIGHLY recommend Tony for all of your training needs, if you stick to the things he teaches you, you will be amazed at the difference it brings. Lisa Wolf Islip Terrace 2016

Lisa M Wolf

Islip Terrace
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