Customer Testismonial

I know my horse very well,okay so I thought I knew my horse. I know when he bites me,it hurts, (ohh my) I know when he tries to kick me, my reflexes have sped up considerably. and when he dumps me, thats a blow to my ego, and everything else I land on, (p.s. it's never my behind).

But today I had the priviledge of Tony giving me and my horse a lesson and what a difference it made.after a few minutes he had my devil worshiper in the palm of his hands. I said that ain't my horse, but it looked like him. he applied the games to my horse, and my horse tranformed before my eyes. I am now a believer.
thank you Tony for everything and I will now continue this new found partnership with my horse, this is how it is suppose to feel...
thank you


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