Complete Expertise in Horse Behavior

We will get you and your horse synchronized in ways you never dreamed possible.

Tony Simonetti has resolved well over 800 extremely difficult horse cases for people across the country. In most cases the resolve is not strictly an issue of difficult horse behavior but rather the need for an adjustment in both horse and human behavior.  Complete Simonetti Training's "5 Degrees to Beyond" program and you will truly be BEYOND what you ever dreamed possible with your horse!  

Upcoming Clinics

Tony Simonetti will come to you with assistants to handle as many participants as can safely fit in your facility.  Participants bring their horses and go to work with Tony and his crew on synchronizing the partnership between horse and rider.  Form a study group and together take the comprehensive progressive journey through the "5 Degrees to Beyond" program and you and your group will be ready to perform at demonstrations, ride safely, and impress where ever you go! Learn More

There are no clinic dates listed right now.

What are demonstrations?

Many times after Tony Simonetti successfully completes a behavioral case people want to learn more. We love to share with others.

For an Audience

Tony Simonetti will come to you and demonstrate for an audience giving everyone a detailed explanation of everything he does while working with a difficult horse provided by you.

Q&A Session

Tony’s offers Question and Answer session at the beginning and at demonstrations end to insure everyone gets what they need to advance.

Advanced Demo

Tony can also bring his horses for a bareback and bridless advanced communication demonstration showing the extreme as to how much your horse will give you when you take the time to know what makes them tick.

There are no demonstration dates listed right now.
Contact Us to request a date or learn more.

One on One horse training

Case by case Horse Training is our primary business. You have a choice of shipping your horse to us or you can have Tony Simonetti come directly to you. Every horse is considered and reviewed on a case by case basis and a specific plan is developed for your horse based on the issues that have to be addressed. If your horse does not have behavioral issues you can also choose our services to simply get your horse more responsive, soften your horse’s feel and/or condition your horses during the off season if that is all you and your riding instructor feel your horse needs.

Show Sour

A show sour horse is any horse that knows the show routine and begins his resistance and difficult behavior at some point during that routine to avoid getting to the show.

Show Sour

Trailer Loading Issues

If your horse does not willingly approach and walk onto your trailer calmly and willingly then trailer loading must be addressed. Neither you nor your horse should have anxiety when it comes to trailer loading.

Trailer Loading

Buddy Sour

Horses are gregarious animals by nature. In the wild they depend on each other and work as a herd to survive. This herd mentality causes horses to be more comfortable and secure with other horses. Some horses become very insecure when they are separated from other horses and in severe cases it causes behavioral issues that can be dangerous or at minimum greatly effect show performance.

Buddy Sour

Aggressive Behavior

Some horses will lash out and behave in an aggressive manner. The cause of this behavior ranges from bad human interaction to simply the nature of the horse. Biting, striking, charging, kicking, pinning of the ears are all actions of aggressive behavior when it is directed toward you.

Aggressive Behavior

Ring Sour

A Ring Sour horse is any horse that begins his resistance and difficult behavior at some point headed toward or into the show ring. Your horse should participate as your partner from the time you turn the barn lights on in the morning until you hang your blue ribbon on the board at days end.

Ring Sour

Mounting Issues

Does your horse dance all over the place as soon as you lift you leg for the leg irons or even worse at the point you are vulnerable while throwing your leg over the saddle? Your horse should remain completely still and not move a muscle during mounting in such a fashion that it feels like he/she is inviting you up to ride.

Mounting Issues